Disney Princesses’ Favorites

Disney Princesses’ Favorites

“I’ve always thought that the beautifully presented and photographed, mouth-watering vegan dessert recipes I come across online are fit for royalty. This time, I went a little further, and wondered which treats each of these five classic Disney princesses would have picked.

We’ve already compiled the best vegan dessert options at Disneyland, but if you’d rather create your favorite princess’ dessert yourself, check out the list below.


While a carriage is pretty cool, if I could turn pumpkin into anything, it would probably be pizza, just to combine two of my favorite foods. Turns out, it’s actually possible, and requires a lot less effort, than, let’s say, trying a glass shoe on every girl’s foot in your kingdom, because you forgot to look at the lady’s face you danced with all night. Make Emilie Eats’ pumpkin pie dessert pizza in the evening, and, just like Cinderella’s carriage, it’ll surely be gone by midnight.”

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