An English language performance of Yasmina Reza's 'The God of Carnage' was presented by esō theatricals' international cast in Peter Schueller's direction at RS9 Theatre's 'Vallai Kert' stage in Budapest, Hungary, in April 2017. The thrust stage set, costumes, props, and promotional material of the production were all designed and realised by me, as well as the management and publicity of the show.
Production photographs by Stephen Collison

Poster design

The set of 'The God of Carnage'

Family photographs from a staged photoshoot with the actors, and custom made degree

Annette and Alain Reille, played by Nicole Chufi and Gianni Verlato
Véronique and Michel Vallon, played by Antoinette Fekete and András Balázs
Teaser trailer I organised and prompted interview questions for

Set design

Character analysis of the Vallons

Character analysis of the Reilles

Costume designs

1:25 scale set model

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