With an ever-expanding love for languages and captivating stories, I relish in creative writing and translations. I'm open to working with various publications and blogs worldwide as a freelance writer or contributor in the topics of travel, lifestyle, art and design, vegan and healthy eating, relationships, self-awareness, and other critical and personal essays.
To read samples of my writing, pop over to flyunbound.com, where I publish a range of anecdotes and introspective snippets of my life.
I am also a contributor and advisory staff editor for Enlightened Baker, a blog in the vegan, gluten-free dessert niche.
Speaking Hungarian as a mother tongue, a language foreigners deem impossible learn, and having perfected English while studying and working in the UK and the United States, I also offer translation services, both from English to Hungarian and vice-versa.
My recent translation jobs include websites, film scripts, and a Hungarian blogger's articles translated for Huffington Post.
If you're interested in collaborating with me or finding out more about my services, drop me a line here - I look forward to hearing from you.
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